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  1. Sorry for the double post as I cannot edit my posts (probably due to just registering yesterday). I would just like to point out,the only way I can get MalwareBytes to reinstall is by using the offline installer. It seems for some reason I am blocked completely from MalwareBytes download servers or something of the sort.
  2. Fixlog.txt Still the same error of not being able to update or connect to the license server.
  3. For the past view days I have been unable to update MalwareBytes seemingly out of nowhere. It also seems to be blocking the support tool from creating logs. My internet seems to be working completely fine. I have tried messing around my windows firewall settings and changing my dns to googles, both of which did not help. I have also made sure there is nothing in my hosts file that is blocking MalwareBytes either. I've attached some logs below that are hopefully helpful. I just want to point out for the Threat Scan log, the 4 files that it found as viruses, I know are 100% false positives. FR
  4. Neither of these seemed to work. If it helps at all, I also get a "unable to connect to license server" error as well and I feel like the two issues are linked. I feel like somehow my connection is blocking MBAM servers. It is 7 am where I live and I am about to go to sleep so my next response won't be till later today but I appreciate any further help.
  5. I've had this issue for a couple days where MalwareBytes refuses to update and I have no idea why. I have tried messing around with windows firewall settings and other various things. My internet works completely fine and I have no other anti-virus software installed besides Windows Defender. mbst-grab-results.zip
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