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  1. Hey Maurice, Malwarebytes didn't find anything, so Windows Defender did it's job.
  2. Hey Maurice, I came back with an update. So, Sophos didn't find anything, and malwarebytes has been scanning for 4h and 25 mins and has found nothing (670k files scanned). Should I stop it ? or let it run for 2 more hours?
  3. I searched them all, the threats are only anticrashers and map.asi from san andreas multiplayer, nothing else. I'll delete them now, so it won't detect them anymore.
  4. I know, I just asked. The thing is, that before I ran the script, the warnings weren't there, because I whitelisted them, they were my cheats for CS:GO, nothing else. SO, I don't know about : PUA:Win32/Presenoker, that's like all. And, they can't seem to find anything.
  5. And hey man, one more question. Do you think that zemana anti malware has gotten better over the last 2 years? because I know it was on a decline on 2018 and that it couldn't detect malware as it could in earlier builds.
  6. Thanks for the advice Maurice. I don't allow any sites to push ads or notifications because I know what can happen. I didn't know about the extension, I will install it, because it is very helpful.
  7. No problem. The bad thing is that I uninstalled eset because it was annoying, and because I don't want to use it, I wanted windows defender, and eset didn't have problems with the threats. I will install bitdefender free because I had it installed some time ago. I don't want to buy a premium antivirus because I don't go to unsafe sites, but because of this experience I might buy one sometime in the near future.
  8. The interface is broken btw. If I press start actions, it's not going to work, it will only loop for about 5 minutes and do nothing. Desktop 2020.08.03 -
  9. And by the way, thanks for the advice. I let my guard down and I got infected.
  10. Hey Maurice, I have come back with an update. So, RogueKiller didn't find anything, nor Trendmicro Housecall. All the things that Housecall found were the processhacker 2 files, which are safe.
  11. And today I actually wanted to reset my pc because I spent way more time trying to fix it than resetting it. But because you helped me, I decided to keep going. Also, I saw that the program injected itself into steamservice.exe which is a safe process, and the spyware always started when steam started, corrupting the file.
  12. Hey Maurice, thanks for all the help. The interface doesn't work at all. I tried at least 10 times to "remove" the threats, but with no visual success. The cheats aka the PUPs found in D:\Download are 100% safe because they are from a good friend of mine. And the map stuff are from S.A.M.P. LSS: Since 2015 I have been very careful with what programs I use and what things I do on the internet. "I still am very careful with all the activities that I do online, and what I download. Because, in the past, I was a dumb kid . From 2011 to 2015 I had windows defender on my first laptop. In
  13. Hey Maurice, here is the fix log. Now windows defender is "taking actions". Fixlog.txt
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