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  1. Thank you, it seems to be OK now, all browsers work 🙂
  2. Hi, Not sure what to say, I just took that screen shot I attached in my last message using Chrome to go to web site, only 15 min ago. I just went there with FireFox and got the attached.?? Edge lets me in with no issues.. Tom
  3. Hello, I neglected to attached the screen shot. Please whitelist www.apmc.cc I am getting this message, and there are no issues with site.. Thank you. Tom Hill, AMS Atlantic & Pacific
  4. Hello, Could you please whitelist my web site. It is being flagged, and there are no issues with site. www.apmc.cc Tom Hill
  5. Hi Folks, I am getting this warning (below) when I am going to my own web site? Web site is www.apmc.cc Any way to get this warning removed so the public does not get alarmed. We have no internal issues I am aware of. Regards, Tom Hill, AMS
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