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  1. I've reinstalled the Bamboo, and my antivirus isn't crashing, so I guess that solved it. Thanks for your help.
  2. I've uninstalled the device and the drivers. Now, I have two separate Wacom devices; one is a drawing pad, and the other is a full-scale graphics tablet with a screen. I hadn't had any problems in the past, but is it possible that the two sets of drivers started conflicting with one another?
  3. I have the tablet packed away right now. I'll probably try reinstalling it some time tomorrow.
  4. Here. I figured I'd go ahead and send it, rather than wait for a response to save time. If there's anything else you need, I'm sure you'll let me know. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. I've run the index repair. Shall preform the scan again and send you the subsequent .txt logs?
  6. I've deleted the corrupted Java update. Which Box(s) should I check off in the Index troubleshooter?
  7. I've gone ahead and run the fixlist.txt operation. Here is the requested log. Fixlog.txt
  8. Thanks. I'll see if I can't expedite saving may logins so you don't have to reopen it.
  9. Thank You. However, I'm currently not ready to preform this action. I have a lot of webpages and logins/passwords saved and right now I don't have time to go through all of them to preserve them. Whenever I'm finally able to get around to it, will this current fixlist.txt be sufficient, or will i need to run a new scan for an updated fixlist file?
  10. Ok. Here you go. Sorry it took so long. I was away from my computer all day. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  11. I've since completely uninstalled the tablet, just so you know. Will you still be able to see where any probleis are occurring without it?
  12. I'm having an odd problem, and I don't know if anyone can help, because it's so specific. I'm running windows 7, and I'm trying to use a Wacom Bamboo tablet. I had been using it, previously with no issues, but at some point, the tablet's settings crash Malwarebytes. Essentially, I'm stuck in a situation where my antivirus can't run while the tablet is installed. If somebody can help me I'd very much appreciate it, because I don''t want to have to choose between my computer's security and using my device.
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