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  1. One last question, is there a way for me to check other domains that I manage to see if they are being blocked by your software? I don’t use this extension so if this potential client hadn’t told me I wouldn’t have known.
  2. Thank you very much for your help! I appreciate your quick response to my request! I’ve passed this along to the potential client so they can resume checking out my services.
  3. Thank you. Sorry for posting in the wrong area. As I don’t use your product I picked what I thought was the most appropriate section. Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do.
  4. Thank you for the reply but I do not have a protection log. I do not use your product. A potential client, which does use your product informed me that my websites were blocked by your software. This is the message he sent to me: He said he received the same message on the other sites I listed as well.
  5. Hello, Several of my websites were reported as being blocked by your software. The domains are as follows. https://www.n8solutions.host https://am.n8solutions.biz https://www.n8solutions.us https://www.n8solutions.net https://www.n8solutions.com I’m asking for you to please whitelist these domain names as soon as possible. I may lose a potential client because your software is blocking a legitimate website!
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