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  1. Ah, darn. No, looks like the update issue has returned even after changing to Google Public DNS. That's weird since it updated fine last weak after our initial conversation. Back to square 1 it seems.
  2. Umm, with the DNS detection error I listed earlier, do you believe it could be related to Malwarebytes? If not, do you have any recommendations for where I might go to figure it out/resolve it?
  3. I apologize. I'm afraid I don't follow. What do you mean by redirection? Also, while the IPv4 change seems to have worked, I still get the DNS server detection error when troubleshooting my internet connection.
  4. I got it work for iPV4, but using http://test-ipv6.com/index.html.en_US, as recommended by the public dns guidebook, I get the following error:
  5. Seems like esetonline didn't detect anything. I could share the scanlog if you'd like? That said, I noticed a weird warning surrounding my ethernet connection and was wondering if it might be connected to my issues in some manner. I've attached a picture of the error for reference:
  6. I encountered the following error: Volume Shadow Copy Service information: The COM Server with CLSID {4e14fba2-2e22-11d1-9964-00c04fbbb345} and name CEventSystem cannot be started. [0x8007045b, A system shutdown is in progress. ] This occured at 10:38 EST (so around the time I restarted my computer). Beyond that, no errors after the one you linked. Some warning and information stuff, but no warnings.
  7. Ah ha! You were right. I left it longer and the update worked fine. Thank you so much for your help!
  8. It seems to have frozen at this step (the bar moved but it was stuck on this stage for around three hours).
  9. Hello, I described issues I was experiencing installing/updating malwarebytes through an internet connection (link: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/262195-error-with-update-and-installation/?tab=comments#comment-1397313FRST.txtAddition.txt) and was asked to go here. I don't have logs from the malwarebytes support tool as it was unable to gather logs, but I ran a Farbar scan and have the logs (which are attached). The essential issue is that, when I tried to update to the newest version of Malwarebytes, I encountered an error where it said it was unable to connect to the internet. Fiddling with firewalls and windows defender and exclusions did not seem to help. I then tried uninstalling and reinstalling malwarebytes and found that the installation software also gave an error related to being unable to connect to the internet. With some help from the forums, I was able to reinstall the program using a manual installation file, but the update error is still present. Kind regards, and thank you for your help, John Shinholser
  10. Hmm. The manual download worked, but I encountered the same error when I checked to see if there were any updates. I tried the gather logs tool and encountered the following error:
  11. Hi, I get the following error message both when I try to update Malwarebytes and (after having removed it with the support tool for a clean install) when trying to install it for the first time: While the firewall was on in this screenshot, I tried temporarily disabling it and received the same error message. I have also tried exempting MBSetup.exe in my firewall's allowed apps and running the setup program as an administrator (and a mixture of all of the above). My computer is connected to the internet via a landline (I am using it at this moment), and fiddling with the firewall doesn't seem to be helping things, so I'm pretty stumped as to what could be going on. Thank you in advance for your help.
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