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  1. All, After searching the Internet regarding this software, I found multiple reports of the installer being reported as infected from other anti-virus vendors. The reports seem to indicate that this company's free installers contained infections but that the paid software, once installed, was clean. I have been using this software for about a year now. Before purchasing it, I tried the free version. The infected file is the installer for the trial version as the paid installer has a different filename. There was another EXE installer in the same folder that appeared to be the 32-
  2. PowerISO7-x64.zipCli, Sorry, I just read the instructions more fully. I zipped the detected EXE file and have uploaded it here. -Emile
  3. Cli, I have ran the Support Tool and sent the resulting zip file via reply email. The email asked that I 'attach the detected file'. However, the detected file is an EXE file which means I cannot attach it to an email nor can I upload in this forum. How do I send you the detected EXE file? -Emile
  4. Attached is the Scan Report where poweriso7-x64.exe was detected as suspicious. The.log
  5. My first Malwarebytes Premium scan detected the file C:\USERS\XXXXX\APPDATA\ROAMING\POWERISO\UPGRADE\POWERISO7-X64.EXE as Generic.Malware/Suspicious. I believe this file is part of the PowerISO software that I have purchased and installed on my computer. This program is all about working with ISO files (creating them, burning them to DVD, USB Flash Drive, etc. How do I tell if this file is truly infected or ai false-positive? -Emile
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