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  1. Finally, it turned out that the alert was produced by Malwarebytes' browser guard extension
  2. blender, exile360, thank you I'm waiting for the log from a customer. The software connects to our website https://www.alfaebooks.com to check for updates. The installation file I submitted to VirusTotal is https://www.alfaebooks.com/aemsetup.msi
  3. Hi, Could you please rescan and remove our software Alfa Ebooks Manager (https://alfaebooks.com) from Malwarebytes blacklist, as our customers report of "could be malicious" alerts Here is VirusTotal result: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/effb88e25abcf1443fbdf5e0aabf3058fb50de950fe55c985451f5cf0fc01f12/detection Thank you
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