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  1. Well I have done a test with my laptop. I created a restore point. Then I deactivated some boxes, restore the system and they were activated as before. I had a restore point created before Thank you!
  2. Thanks, I have solved it! After a while I used autoruns to see something else and accidentally unchecked something, but I didn't click "save" I closed the program so that what I did was not saved. If I unchecked something and closed the program without saving it, will everything be as if nothing had ever been done?
  3. @exile360 Could you explain how? that option seems better to me
  4. After using adwcleaner with my other computer, I restored the system to yesterday. I hope nothing happens.
  5. Ok, I recently did a scan with adwcleaner on my other computer. Some things were detected, but I preferred not to do anything with them due to the problem I had with my laptop. The same problem will happen to my other computer?
  6. I understand that adwcleaner is a disposable program. I don't know why this program keeps doing things on my computer. Or maybe this has to do with MalwareBytes installed on my pc.
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