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  1. Alright then, if that's the case I won't worry about it. I would clear chrome sync but for one thing, I have never used my Google account or chrome since resetting this computer, so I don't think that would stop the messages. Thank you for the reply. -Henry
  2. Hello, Yesterday, I had many messages from malwarebytes and symantec endpoint protection stating they had blocked outgoing traffic relating to adware and trojans. Keeping little data on my PC anyhow I did a factory reset and now malwarebytes isn't picking up anything, but symantec endpoint is blocking pieces of outgoing traffic every few seconds. I have run adwcleaner and cleared cache and cookies on both edge and firefox. I am not even sure if this is an actual threat, but I would rather not find out the hard way. Thanks, Henry Addition.txt FRST.txt malwarebytes report.txt
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