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  1. Thanks to one and all....1PW, treed, and alvernell. I feel so much more confident now that I have a place to turn with my questions. I think we've covered everything for now. THANKS again !!!! RESMET
  2. Hi, treed. Thanks so much for your note. I do have an Apple store quite near me, but it's always so jammed, I wouldn't go there now - what with the pandemic. Although they may be spacing customers with social distancing in mind. ?? But... there is an independent computer repair store (also very near) which handles only Apple products, and it's a much more relaxed atmosphere. I've had them do some work, and upgrades, for me before..... very reputable, very skilled, very kind. The only problem there is that they currently have limited accessibility - again due to the pandemic. I've left them a voice mail message, and I'll see how quickly they respond. In the meantime, my computer is behaving quite well....pretty sprightly for an old workhorse. And with Malwarebytes premium scanning very morning, I feel reasonably secure. I hope I'm not just whistling into the wind. RESMET
  3. Thanks again, 1PW. I appreciate your advice, but before I follow your recommendation, I'm wondering if I really need to do the update you recommend. Every time I receive an update available for software or security from Apple, I do install the update. Also, there is an outstanding service provider where I live, Apple specialists who work only on Mac computers. In 2018 they installed a new solid-state drive for me, and made sure everything was updated at that time. And, as I mentioned, I have installed all the updates I receive from Apple. I've had the free Malwarebytes until just recently, and now have the premium version. Wouldn't all of this take care of concerns about my "elderly" computer? As I mentioned, I'm quite elderly myself. RESMET
  4. This is in answer to 1PW. Here is the information you said would help: (Ir doesn't look like any of this is confidential, is it? I did write in "do you need this?" where my full name is indicated.) System Software Overview: System Version: macOS 10.13.6 (17G14019) Kernel Version: Darwin 17.7.0 Boot Volume: Macintosh SSD Boot Mode: Normal Computer Name: (Do you need this?) User Name: (Do you need this?) Secure Virtual Memory: Enabled System Integrity Protection: Enabled Time since boot: 9:53 And just a bit more about my question. I think in my original message, I said my computer was bought in 2016. Actually, it was 2013. Some points: In the link you sent me re: OSX.Genieo, it says that malwarebytes for Mac detects and removes it. When I look at malwarebytes scan reports, the one on 7-19 which detected this threat still shows "quarantine". And I'm wondering if that is just history and the threat is now removed.....or is it still lingering in my machine "quarantined" ? I'm thinking it's just history, but being somewhat compulsive, just wanted to have that validated. Also, on the screen when I go to malwarebytes it says "Awesome. Your computer is protected !" That seems pretty definitive that everything's ok. So should I just rely now on the conviction that everything's ok; no need to fuss about this anymore...?? Thanks so much for you attention. RESMET
  5. Thanks again. I got through the panes, but now I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. I bet you can tell what a newbie I am .... and a somewhat old one (74) at that. Do I copy the info in the last pane and paste it into a note to you? RESMET
  6. Thank you so much for your replay. I haven't recently downloaded/installed any software from the internet. I did try to follow the macOS System Version instructions you sent, but after the System Report button, i got a list headed hardware, not software...? I did recently update my Microsoft Office software, which comes periodically and has never presented any problem before. I'm guessing that wouldn't have caused the OSX.Genieo..? Thanks again, RESMET
  7. I have had the first level of malwarebytes for some time - for my MacBook Pro (2016). I use Microsoft office for Macintosh (2016). Yesterday (7/20/2020) I ran a scan & had a "threat" OSX.Genieo which was quarantined. I shut down my computer overnight, restarted this morning & ran another scan. The report indicated no threat and no quarantine. Later today (7/21/2020) I purchased malwarebytes premium & ran a scan again. No indication of threat or quarantine. From what I read online, I think shutting down & restarting my computer caused the quarantined threat to be fully dented. I am writing this now to confirm if my understanding is correct. Thank you... RESMET
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