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  1. hello so it got worse i have bugs my pc is slow and i even witnesed my screen flickering i am not taking any risk and i am gonna do a complete wipe i have all my inportand data on a cloud it is jhust gonna take a while to put everything back, also eset crashed when i started a full scan that is where i made up my mind... i thank you for your help but i am afraid of loosing anything my pc does not feel right anymore
  2. done what does this do ? FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. thank you and its just the spell error xD so what all started was a backup of my iphone i made, it was jailbroken, I think while installing tweaks i slipped up on a virus that infected my pc after i connected my phone to my pc. I see iphoneOS on those infections, because when i looked into those backups i saw a "PADFRE-DECRYPT.TXT" file that is a know threat so i was able to remove it and also thanks to malwarebytes and eset that i have installed and have a premium version of it. but thanks to microsoft safety scanner i found out there were serious threats on my pc and from ther
  4. hello first of all please dont judge my english 😅 so the thing is i used a program that was recomended by malwarebytes in a topic i found, and malwarebytes found some but not all and i wanted to ask you guys for help this is what the program found. so what should i do reinstall my pc ,or are these threats deleted ? because i see partially 😯 msert.log
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