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  1. Abyssmedia MCRS System installer was detected as "Malware.Sandbox.1 detection" on 01/15/2021 7:44:39 PM PST We have been using this software for awhile and are pretty sure this is a False Positive. mcrs3995.exe.zip
  2. The specific file that was detected was the one attached in this zip, it was extracted and there was another detection for it. Where do I find the scan log you are wanting?VBCABLE_Setup.exe.zip
  3. This was detected this morning. It appears to be a legitimate installation package, can you please confirm if this is a trojan or FP? VBCABLE_Driver_Pack43.zip
  4. Would you recommend an exclusion for this file until the update comes out then?
  5. Getting detections throughout our network on HP workstations, pretty confident its a false positive though. Attached the file being detected. Status: quarantined Threat Name: Trojan.BitCoinMiner Category: Malware Type: file Path: C:\Program Files\HP\HP Touchpoint Analytics Client\TouchpointAnalyticsClient.sys TouchpointAnalyticsClient.zip
  6. For 2.5 hours I have not been able to retrieve any endpoint info from Nebula. Have tried different accounts and browsers with no success. Seems like the database is not connecting to the cloud. This sometimes happens for a few seconds or minutes but never has it been this long. Support ticket has been submitted but with it being American thanks giving I'm guessing it won't be seen till tomorrow. Are there any MWB support staff on this forum that can get someone working on this? We have planned MWB updates/reboots for this evening.
  7. Staff reported this page came up as an FP today but was fine yesterday. Is there really a detection on it?
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