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  1. Hi Maurice, thanks for all your help. Yeah, I actually tried to use Avast a bit ago, but the installation failed and it never actually worked. As for Eset online scanner, I did try it and it found a few infected files. They've been deleted. I have followed your recommendations: -Windows Defender is now on -Ran the support tool to gather logs and attached them. -Ran FRST fix and restarted. Attached fixlog. Thanks again. Please let me know how to proceed. John Fixlog.txt mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. Thank you. Here are the logs for when you get a chance to look at them. Thanks again, John Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. My bad, took a bit to respond. Here are my updates on the matter: I black-listed a bunch of "probers" IP addresses which reduced the amount of calls I was getting. I have installed the windows update and ran ESET Online Scanner. ESET found about 8 infected files, I allowed it to remove them. Shortly after, MB blocked a couple of "outbound" calls. A couple days after, the "inbound" calls seem to have increased in quantity but they're now coming from different IP addresses. Should I be worrying about those "outbound"s and are there any negative conse
  4. Hi Maurice, thank you again for your help! I have created a blocking rule for defender firewall and am now blocking the most recent IP's which have targeted my computer. (I'm considering a block-all rule and just white-listing my trusted locations) I ran the MB support tool as you instructed me and attached the resulting zip file. Thanks again for all your help as a volunteer 😀 and no worries if it takes a bit to respond. Best regards, John mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. Hi Maurice, thanks for your help. My name is John. It is possible that I have already eliminated the infection as I tried every solution I could find and quarantined/deleted all the threats found. The only thing I couldn't get rid of are these inbound calls every few minutes. Although their frequency has greatly decreased since. However it wouldn't hurt to make sure that it's taken care of. Note: I tried all this before running the scans from the logs I posted. I haven't made any changes since then. 2: Sadly, remote desktop is not something I can turn off as
  6. I seem to have some kind of infection. MB has been notifying me of "Inbound Connections" from various IP addresses to svchost.exe The connections seem to target different ports everytime, and MB has categorized them as either Trojan, Malware or Compromised. I searched for my problem and found a couple of topics with similar issues. I've tried their solutions and they don't seem to have worked so here I am starting a new topic. All help is greatly appreciated! To aid the diagnostic process, I've ran FRST and have attached the two log files that it generated.
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