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  1. Hi Maurice, The above steps allowed Malwarebytes to run. Would you have any particular explanation why the program started to crash? If the program starts to crash again, is my only option to use the support tool to clean and reinstall manually? Thank You, alastor124
  2. Hi, For some reason, Malwarebytes is not opening again. I was noticing this earlier this week and reinstalled 2 times in the last 3 days. Once reinstalled, Malwarebytes would open and work until the next restart. Today, reinstalling using the support tool did not lead Malwarebytes working. I have attached the logs gathered from the support tool. Thank You, alastor124 mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Hi Porthos, I actually had to restart one more time after the repair tool install. Malwarebytes now runs, indicating clean bill of health. I was a bit worried I had some hidden malware when Malwarebytes couldn't run. Thank You for all your time and help, alastor124
  4. Hi Porthos, I have used the clear Avast tool in safe mode and restarted. After restarting from safe mode, Malwarebytes still will not run. I ran the repair tool again with no results. Please see the event viewer log for whenever I try to run Malwarebytes. For some reason, Windows is telling me that Malwarebytes is turned on when I can not access the program. Please advise. Thank You, alastor124
  5. Hi Porthos, I have turned off fast start-up, restarted, and still can't run Malwarebytes. I no longer have Avast anti-virus installed on the computer. I uninstalled it about 2 days ago. Please advise. Thank You, alastor124
  6. Hi, I am unable to open Malwarebytes today. My last scan was yesterday 7/15/2020 around 6pm. I have attached the gather logs file generated from the Malwarebytes support tool. Thank You, alastor124 mbst-grab-results.zip
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