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  1. I understand the communication paradox that you find yourselves in - dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. I do believe this problem is very wide spread - bigger than you may know. I base this on my small circle of examples, where it is VERY prevalent. I am aware of multiple instances from two friends (plus me) where this issue exists and removing Malwarebytes resolves it immediately. One of them has multiple systems where three of them had this issue and had this same resolution. That totals 5 systems affected that I know of. This essentially amounts to an unscientific poll that suggests there is a massive number of instances out there! As was mentioned by someone above, people affected cannot figure out what's causing it. I was in this boat for weeks. This fact may be masking your ability to know how many are out there. For weeks I tried many things including restoring to several months earlier, disconnecting all unnecessary peripherals, performing Google searches, etc. It was not until I became aware of this post that I got resolution. My system is stable now for three days straight. Before I had 2 to 4 hangs/freezes or BSOD per day. My friends' systems are also stable now. In all cases that I am aware of there is also an active either AVG or Bit Defender. I mention this in the off chance this is a hidden and relevant factor. To answer your question more directly, if this is as prevalent as I think it is, then a well worded in-app message would be in order. If it is not that prevalent... then there are many lesser options and I am not really qualified to make a good suggestion. Good luck, Former customer with a multi-year / multi-device license that he will no longer use.
  2. Sorry, Bertel, That was said by Orubio. You were simply quoting him. My bad.
  3. Porthos, the comment "this piece of S#I^ company" is in an "if" statement. I will consider the company to be a piece of S#I^ only if the "if" part of the sentence is true, which right now I have reason to believe it is since I personally know two other people with this exact issue. We'll see.... The problem for me is the absence of effective communication. Bertel writes above, "Once the fix is released, we will make it widely known." However, the mere existence of this very impactful issue is what Malwarebytes needs to make widely known. This is actually more important!
  4. Porthos, The intensity of the communication should generally be proportional to the impact of the issue. I don't know how big an impact this issue is having on the Malwarebytes community at large or how many users are having this issue. I can tell you that for me, it's the biggest impact I've had with my PC, perhaps ever (and I'm no spring chicken). I can also tell you that I've tried many things to solve this issue and had to wrestle with this issue for a few weeks. Interestingly, this issue is also happening to two good friends of mine since Win 2004. The three of us have been trying to figure this our together. This makes me think that the issue is very wide spread and a LOT of people are suffering. If this is as I suspect, then the proportional communication that I mention in my first sentence should be for Malwarebytes to communicate it LOUDLY. So, if the issue is widespread and people find out that Malwarebytes sat on this without proper communication then they should do as I did and ditch of this piece of S#I^ company.
  5. I for one will stop using Malwarebytes. Simple reason: It's not the "bug" that gets me its the poor communication about it. THAT is what I will not forgive. I've been pulling my hair our for several weeks with freezing and BSODs daily. I also run AVG and I theorize that the reason this issue is not affecting more Malwarebytes customers is that the issue may be related to the combination of (1) Malwarebytes, (2) Windows update 2004 and (3) (perhaps) an antivirus such as AVG or BitDefender
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