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  1. Thank you again everyone for helping out a stranger. I have decided to go with Avast free AV and ditch MalwareBytes. My reasoning is that MalwareBytes free is not real time protection but, rest assured if there is any future issue from Avast it will be gone and I will be on Windows Defender with Malware Bytes. But I will be looking into ublock origin. It was a tough call because as said personally i have used both Avast and MalwareBytes for more than ten years and rate them as good products. Totally agree with this sound advise Porthos:
  2. Thank you Maurice, nice to be welcomed. 😃 Interesting to know that Avast causes issues like this and that it can be hard to remove. It is Windows 10, I am a little surprised you advise on the built in Windows Defender, I assumed there were better products. You may have guessed I asked Avast the same questions. They suggest removing MalwareBytes stating Avast can do what MalwareBytes does?!😕 The one thing I am understanding is its not good to have both. I now need to decide: >Use Windows Defender and Malware Bytes or >Use Avast alone or possibly >MalwareByte
  3. Hello everyone, I am a long time user of MalwareBytes Free and believe it good practice to run a good AV and Malware tools as standard PC security. I am raising this query because i have seen anomalies over a long time (over a year) and am now thinking it could be the security products. I run the latest Avast Free AV and Malware Bytes free along with Hotspot shield free VPN. i regularly do Avast boot time scans and Malware Bytes HDD scans in windows. After these scans occasionally i see odd issues ranging from file associations reverting back, occasional application reinstalls and
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