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  1. Hi again, I sent an Email to the developer of the game and I'm waiting the answer of the developer to arrive to my Gmail inbox. If the developers say the truth of the TerraGenesis's phone access permission and did not spy users's phone calls and contacts %100 real and no fake and for other purposes that isn't malicious, the game is safe. But if the game is not safe and is really a malware, the developers would did the following: - Never reply the message that I sent. - Don't did the truth at all. - The developers say that they don't want to tell me the truth about permission to access the phone for various reasons. - Deny the truth about permission to access the phone. And others... If one of these scenarios happens, please report the game to Google to remove it from the Play Store and permanently suspend the developer account and that they cannot create another developer account.
  2. Hi. Today, I wanted to download TerraGenesis for my Android 8.0.0 Sony Xperia XZ phone by parental authorization using my mother password to download and install. But, before entering my mother password to download the game, I check the permissions and I found something suspicious: I viewed that if I download, install and run the game, it asks to give permission to make and manage phone calls that after viewing this permission, I decided to NOT download and install the game for security. Here is my prove on this screenshot that I took: I would like to investigate this Android game thoroughly because of the permission it asks for, it could be spyware and if it turns out to be spyware, add it to the virus database, call it Spyware.AndroidOS.Generic and report the application to Google so that remove it from the Google Play Store. And there is a Windows version for this game on Microsoft Store but does not ask strange permissions. Download TerraGenesis from the Google Play Store to investigate it thoroughly, see what it does in the background and for 1 week in case it is spyware: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alexanderwinn.TerraGenesis If the environment to be used does not have a Google account, download it in APK from the evozi website because the file cannot be uploaded here due to the file size limit (Remember to copy the link of the game TerraGenesis from the Play Store to the website to download it): https://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/
  3. Hello, i have iObit Uninstaller Pro version 9.6 and Malwarebytes Free with the latest definition updates and Avast Premium Security installed on my HP Pavilion Laptop with Windows 10 Home Version 1909 and i'm going to tell about my problem: Yesterday, i made an analysis with Malwarebytes Free because my internet connection was going very slow after visiting ad shorteners to try to download shaders for Minecraft. Malwarebytes detected 9 items that after the analysis, detected my iObit Uninstaller, the most recent version the 9.6 and the Pro version as Malware.AI.4169186878, but the installer doesn't detect it and i ignored because i'm already know they're false positives. The detected items are the following on this 2 screenshots. Please, remove the false detection of Malware.AI.4169186878 in iObit Uninstaller Free/Pro version 9.6 in the next definition update because iObit Uninstaller is an excellent program to uninstall programs completely and i wouldn't want users who have this excellent program to see Malwarebytes removing it because it's considered dangerous. Please, try to install iObit Uninstaller with Malwarebytes Premium installed and see what happens during installation. Download iObit Uninstaller to test with Malwarebytes to remove the false detections: https://download.cnet.com/IObit-Uninstaller/3000-2096_4-75161625.html?part=dl-&subj=dl&tag=button
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