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  1. HI Everything is perfect now, i found the option to start the server in safe mode, With safe mode everything goes perfect. Started support tool and clean everything, then machine rebooted and i installed my managed client easily. . Many Thanks for your support.
  2. Hi The server is on the cloud how i can start in safe mode ? the tool you provided me it is also stuck as you can see in the image no response since more than 5 minutes.
  3. HI I have now more serious issue, i used Support Tool for and clean Everything after restart it gives me option to install the new version, i installed MB after that i am not able to do any thing, i can't open task manager, i cant uninstall even i cant run support tool many things are not responding.
  4. Hi I removed managed client from Windows server 2016 which was outdated. Then i created new installation package from admin console and copied it to Windows server 2016. New Package installation is finished but Anti-Malware byte is not installed, Only Anti Ransomware and Anti-Exploit installed. Please let me know the solution is possible without restarting the server ? mbst-grab-results.zip
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