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  1. Thank you, I do just have the free program. I read somewhere that there is a settings switch in the premium program to change the self-protection on / off. I was unsure if it is the self-protection that is premuim only, or just the ability to alter the default on / off. (ie. it could be that it is switched on by default in the free version, with just no 'off' switch available)
  2. Thank you for your fast replies. Apologies for the confusion, I am referring to any part of MBAM that is built in to protect itself from attack etc. Rather than the real-time protection of the PC. Does MBAM need to be running for any self-protection element to work? Does MBAM even need the self-protection if the program is exited? Is the MBAM program installation safe if I quit MBAM and leave the PC running?
  3. If I untick "Start with Windows" or click "Quit Malwarebytes" using the taskbar menu, will it leave the program vulnerable as any self protection may also have been quit? or do I have to leave MBAM running in order for it to be safe? I'm using the free version of MBAM, on a Windows 10 machine.
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