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  1. Done............... After resetting Google Chrome, there's no more issue shown again. Thank you for all help.
  2. If i scan my PC while open Chrome, it's always shows 2 PUP. When i quarantine them, it close my chrome. If i scan it without any launched Chorme, it shows no PUP. scanlog.txt scanlog2 .txt
  3. Final result after installing Malwarebytes Support Tools scanlog.txt
  4. Finally 0 infected, thank you for all help and respons'e. scanlog.txt
  5. This is the 1st scan result after running via FRST fixlist.txt scanlog.txt
  6. Thanks for replying, is this the file you need ? scanlog.txt
  7. It's been few weeks that my computer got infected by RiskWare.BitCoinMiner. Every time i scan using Mlawarebyte, it's keep coming back and request restart to solve it. It's so annoying and frustating, some times it give BSOD with srv.sys error. Here are files from FSRT, i attached. Addition.txt FRST.txt
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