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  1. I also just downloaded the recent update and was given the Premium Trial. I have a license and the software should recognize that and not put me in a Trial period. I just hope the recent update doesn't detect Firefox as a Trojan as previous updates have been prone to do.
  2. Yep, same issue as @frozen and as I previously posted in this thread. I only recently was able to re-enable the Ransomware module without it deleting my firefox.exe.. but the new FF update has again caused Malwayrebytes to flag it as ransomware.
  3. So the Anti Ransomware is a separate thing from Malwarebytes Premium, but Premium does include Anti Ransomware? Not well versed in what's what with Malwarebytes. I didn't see anyone acknowledge that it was fixed in the Anti Ransomware Beta either.
  4. Hey Folks, anyone found a solution to this? I too am having this issue, using Win7 SP1. I have to disable ransomware protection in order to run FF. My FF profile is on the C drive, not a separate partition. This is happening before and after I just updated the MBAM client today, which I believe includes the new ransomware module update. If I re-enable it while FF is open, eventually MBAM will kill the process and delete firefox.exe. Nothing will be quarantined. Pretty much exactly what the OP was experiencing. MBAM Update package Version 1.0.26631 Compon
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