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  1. got it thank you! {just to be 100% clear, there was nothing wrong with the file right?}
  2. When i moved it out of quarantine i did a scan and it detected nothing although when i created the post it detected it in multiple scans I'm so confused­čÖé
  3. Badlion Client Web Setup 2.15.1.zip
  4. Hey, I have a program called Badlion (Badlion Client), malwarebytes never had any issues with it but it suddenly detect one of its files as malware, i checked the date of the creation/last change of the file and it seems like i already ran a scan with the current file in my computer but back then it detected nothing so i think it might just be a false positive log.txt
  5. I updated malwarebytes and ran a scan and it detected nothing.. Thank you for your excellent support!
  6. Nothing pops up when scanning so i will say good Did the adwcleaner scan pointed out that i had some sort of adware? Because i didn't have any issues on this machine with ads popping up from nowhere or something like that in a very very long time (like 2/3 years if i remember curcctly) Thank you so much for the help, i really appreciate it!
  7. Oh and btw if it matters i did AdwCleaner scan before, i apparently moved the log folder after i deleted AdwCleaner so you cant see it in the log
  8. Hey Maurice thank you so much for the reply! I did all steps except for 5, is it necessary for the process or it's just a recommendation? (a note about step 4, i had notifications on only from trusted site like 3 sites of mine [i also had one notification from my site on edge], google, twitter and youtube and before i put the items in quarantine i tried to remove my sites [from both, chrome and edge] to see if it helps but it still showed me the same detection)
  9. I did a scan with Malwarebytes and it detected "PUP.Optional.PushNotifications.Generic" in "C:\USERS\USER\APPDATA\LOCAL\GOOGLE\CHROME\USER DATA\Default\Web Data" (if it matters, i did "put" it in quarantine). I also did a scan like 2 days ago and it showed nothing and from then i didn't install anything/didn't accept any notification from any site/in general didn't do anything that can get me infected with something I didn't find any info on "PUP.Optional.PushNotifications.Generic" and i hope that you can help me with that.. File: 10 PUP.Optional.PushNotifications.Generic, C:\US
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