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  1. Hey there, Sorry for the delay I may have to do the suggested request one more time due to the fact that I forgot to disable realtime protection for windows defender, So Sorry about that and I will definitely update you on it afterwards..
  2. Hey there, Thanks for the quick reply.. I seem to have fixed it by doing a malwarebytes repair under the malwarebytes support tool today but I was wondering do you know of an AE Protection Registry Key with what looks like a DWORD 32bit registry entry that says logs and it is set to 0 currently as well plus during even a threat scan via malwarebytes today I noticed this malware scanner process under the process tab of my task manager today.. I am currently wondering is this a part of malwarebytes or is it a possible virus for worse case scenario?? Anyways, Thanks again and Have a wonderful day ahead as well.. Also, Fast Startup is already disabled on my end by the way..
  3. Hello to all, I just noticed that mbamservice.exe is utilizing around 8% CPU Usage under the task manager for Windows 10 64 bit Pro Version 21H1 with all Windows Updates applied as well and I am just wondering why that would be?? Here is a screenshot to show you what I mean also.. Thanks for listening and Have a wonderful day ahead and stay safe out there also.
  4. Hello there, Thanks for the quick reply there. I just got around to doing a custom scan on drive C without the rootkit scan and that seem to help or fix the problem anyways.. Anyways, Thanks again and have a great day ahead also.. Stay safe too....
  5. Hello to all, I decided to run a full custom scan on drive C and all of a sudden during the file system scanning part of it where about 152,664 files scanned it decides to soft lockup on malwarebytes scan all of a sudden.... Any ideas why that could happen all of a sudden? Thanks in advance for listening and Have a wonderful day ahead and also stay safe out there as well..
  6. Ok, Here is the additional info you requested at this time.... mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. Hello again and Sorry for double Posting like this but I restarted my computer and now I am able to upload the file in question that you requested a little bit earlier so here it is... Windows.Storage.ni.7z
  8. Sorry but at this time, Unfortunately I can't gain access to the Folder where the file in question is supposedly being held in!!!!.. But I do have the log files that you requested at this time.. Thanks again... logfile malwarebytes.txt logfile malwarebytes report1.txt
  9. Hello to all, I recently scanned my system in full via custom scan and drive C Only and found a possible suspicious looking potentially unwanted program as well as possible PUP.Optional.InstallCore according to malwarebytes free latest version and I was wondering about it meaning what is it and what does this file do in question.. Anyways, I found it under this folder if this helps any as well: PUP.Optional.InstallCore, C:\WINDOWS\ASSEMBLY\NATIVEIMAGES_V4.0.30319_64\WINDOWS.STORAGE\FA994FAE8EDE5804D7ECC0DAF94EB560\WINDOWS.STORAGE.NI.DLL... Anyways, Thanks for listening and Have a wonderful day ahead anyhow..
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