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  1. Easy to find out: Disable DoH, and see whether the problem goes away.
  2. Now that there is some kind of a (very welcome) come-to-Jesus movement, why are customers still subjected to BS like this: Why are customers with problems marginalized by the on-line team, and told that they are an insignificant minority, the oft-repeated "4 out of 400?" Why are posts deleted when they raise problems? Why do admins invent non-existent forum rules to get rid of inconvenient messages?
  3. I know it's not much money, but just as a principle (and to make it known throughout the organization) I'd ask my money back.
  4. Asking to monitor the forum is not just unfair, it is preposterous, and just one of the many nonsensical recommendations handed out here. Most users do not know that this forum exists. Most users are unaware that Malwarebytes is what causes their problems. They will blame Microsoft, their computer, a virus they might have caught Not knowing that Malwarebytes is the cause, they will not look for this forum. Only very knowledgeable users will trace the problem to Malwarebytes, and then it is too late. Again, it is the duty of an ethical company to inform its users tha
  5. *number of hours running. Can't even put an edit function in their forum
  6. You are absolutely right, @Dan964. I have seen exactly the same problems as you. Malwarebytes did cost me more than a year of ongoing grief when Windows slowed down after a number of running. Malwarebytes did cost me a week of pure horror when Windows became absolutely unusable to a degree that I couldn’t launch any programs, I couldn’t even kill Malwarebytes. After reporting it here, I had to endure abuse by its unemployed posse, even received outright threats by alleged users. Sundry posts of mine have been deleted. Malwarebytes finally acknowledged the problem, and that it has no solut
  7. Exactly what I thought. Until I found out that the divorce was not as final as I was made to believe, and that there were monitoring tools left all over the house..
  8. O.K., so now I am told that they know where I live? What a charming community. Many here, especially KenW, hide behind a handle. I post under my full name, and I indeed can easily be found. Come and get me. Or are you making these threats only to give the admin reason to close the thread and make it go away?
  9. All I can tell you is that the support tool downloads frst64.exe onto my computer without asking, and stores it as FRSTEnglish.exe in my Downloads folder, again without asking. FRSTEnglish.exe supposedly requires user Access Control, but I never was asked to give UAC consent to FRSTEnglish.exe. Apparently, FRSTEnglish inherits consent from the support tool, which of course will receive consent from the user. During execution, there are at least two open, and encrypted connections with AWS nodes. No permission is expressly asked, or given, to exchange data with an anonymous entity. No per
  10. @David H. Lipman, when you are done spewing invective and making accusations of criminal activity, why don’t you start thinking. Don’t you think that it is pretty strange that a developer of security software needs a 3rd party tool to clean up an their install, especially a 3rd party tool of ill repute, one that can monitor and emulate my keystrokes and exfil any data it feels like? Sure, FRST requires UAC, but permission is given to uninstall the damned app, not to act as a keylogger, and not to send home whatever data it wants. I don’t mind a strong whitehat tool, but I want to
  11. Sure, why don't you make it complete and claim that I have a heavy Indian accent, and an office in Bengaluru? Why don't you use the "support tool" yourself, do a complete and thorough uninstall, search your machine for FRST* and MBW*, and then come back to me?
  12. I suggest manually deleting all Tmp and Temp directories after the uninstall as part of a more thorough Malwarebyte eradication
  13. In addition to the above, the helpful uninstaller left bunches of mwb3b3a.tmp directories on my machine, each containing Malwarebytes EULA.rtf mbcheck.dll mbchkrpt.dll mbclean.dll mbcut.dll mbfix_clr.dll mbgrab.dll mbrpt.dll mbst-fix-results.txt mb-support.exe mb-support.exe.Config mb-support-log.txt MWB.DefaultStyle.dll .... and more
  14. After I announced my divorce from Malwarebytes, Malwarebytes made the divorce official by offering, and promptly submitting refunds for my two Malwarebytes licenses. To finish-up on my side, I used the downloadable support tool that alleges to remove all traces. Even after uninstalling Malwarebytes, and after using the support tool, there still were many Malwarebytes entries in my registry. What’s worse, the tool automatically, and without asking, downloaded FRSTEnglish.exe and left it in more than 20 locations of my computer, even after Malwarebytes was removed, and after the supp
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