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  1. FYI, this is on Windows with your mwac.sys driver for the web protection
  2. It turns out we're using the same WFP driver for our software, but MWB is using an old version which doesn't play nicely when several driver instances are working together on the same machine. Hence it's making our software not work (and I think there's others such as AdGuard). What's the chances you'll update your WFP driver anytime soon?
  3. FYI, we got around this problem so you can close this ticket.
  4. FYI, adding to allowed list doesn't help.
  5. Hi, here's the logs Look in the logs around 9:43am - 10:12am (approx)LOGS.rar There's no detection, it just stops the internet until our application is closed. Have lots of mutual customers with this issue.
  6. Our users of our HideAway VPN software are having their internet connections blocked by Malwarebytes web protection after we updated our WFP driver. Download from here: https://www.firetrust.com/products/hideaway-secure-unlimited-vpn/download Thanks Nick
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