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  1. I only needed it when I was doing something on my pc.
  2. Hey! Thank you so much for helping me in this situation. Wish you all the best, Infern\/s
  3. Okay, so I think I should not be worried about this. Thanks, Infern\/s
  4. There is the file: rtptrojandetection.txt
  5. Okay, now the RTP detection showed up, but this time it's Trojan warning, not Compromised.
  6. Hey, I have used the free version, and Malwarebytes is not making RTP detections till now.
  7. Hey, luckily no signs of RTP detections till now. I'm considering buying premium Malwarebytes Version, because the trial is about to end, and these detections were not showing in the detection history for about a week after getting the trial, but I think it actually could be Hotspot Shield. I researched the internet topics, and I found, that Hotspot Shield may be a malware. Is that true? Thank you so much for helping me
  8. Hey! I'm attaching the files here. Fixlog.txt msert.log
  9. Hey, I'm attaching the files here. Also, uninstalling went wrong and the Force Removal worked, so thank you so much Fixlog.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  10. Hey, thanks for the reply It takes forever to uninstall Hotspot Shield 9.12.0. Also, there is a blank exe process preventing shutdown, do you think that might be a virus?
  11. Hey, It's me Infern\/s. Just wanted to ask, do you think that Hotspot Shield might be causing these detections?
  12. Hey, It's me Infern\/s. Just wanted to ask, do you think that Hotspot Shield might be causing these detections? I can't uninstall it for some reason, i turned on most of the services and still no detection. Thank you
  13. Hey, I ran the clean boot. Or I don't know ,maybe it is a false positive. I changed to the beta verison of Malwarebytes and no detection popping up till now. But maybe it's a matter of time. Thank you for helping me, I hope it helps
  14. Hey I did all of steps. I'm attaching all the files here. Addition.txt AdwCleaner[S20].txt FRST.txt rtpdetection1.txt rtpdetection2.txt rtpdetection3.txt scan.txt
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