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  1. Hello, Malwarebytes detected Farbat Recovery Scan Tool as Malware.Al849850946, is this a false positive?
  2. Hello! I will takę a screenshot if osiris will reappear on my computer. Thank you for everything so much! Have a good day!
  3. Scan done, 1 trojan I guess removed. There is the name and the log, thanks irTool:Win32/DefenderTamperingRestore msert.log
  4. Scan done, found 1 threat process hacker 2, but I ignored it, since I use it program to detect malware too, and I know, that is safe.
  5. Done I'm attaching the log Thanks Fixlog.txt
  6. All done, I am attaching the log. Thanks for your patience too, I really appreciate it Search.txt
  7. I use Chrome browser, and I think the only tab opened was this forum to follow your suggestions. There is the log, sorry for that. mbar-log-2020-07-07 (17-50-51).txt
  8. Hello! Scan completed, didn't find anything, I am attaching the log. And, I'm happy to say, that virus doesn't reappeared for about 2 hours. But I'm not convinced, that my computer is now completely safe. Virus doesn't reappeared maybe because: When osiris reappeared I opened Process Explorer and type the "Osiris" in Find handle or Dlls. explorer.exe showed up running Osiris.dll. I Taskkilled it, whole screen turned white, I clicked: Ctrl Alt Delete and opened new task "explorer". Then I deleted osiris, and this still doesn't showed up. I am attaching the log here system-log.txt
  9. Scanning ended, didn't find anything, but yesterday before the electricity went out ESET found 2 issues, but unable to see them, I guess it deleted them. I am attaching the report esetscanreport.txt
  10. I am just removing it every time I see it. I hope we're gonna make it disappear forever.
  11. Um, now I double my fear, I looked at this dll and it has full permissions to the SYSTEM, and I don't know how to change it... Pls help
  12. Hello! I am scanning it once again, because yesterday electricity in my house just went out, and I was unable to do something. I will attach the report when it ends
  13. It is scanning right now, the virus reappeared on the desktop. I hope ESET will fix it Thanks for your advice
  14. It didn't find anything, I noticed too, that virus is no longer appearing on my desktop. Maybe later it will reappear. I'm attaching the report. logs.txt
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