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  1. There are a few.. Security, offline gaming, project-based work that does not require an active internet connection. Not everyone is plugged in 24x7 or desire to be. I realize MBAM is now moving to an on-demand solution but I didnt realize to what extent.
  2. Thanks Firefox. I had a feeling this might be the case. Is there anyway these popups can be circumvented with a few toggled settings? If not, not a dire situation, as this only seems to be an issue when the dashboard is navigated or a manual scan is launched but I'd rather not be bombarded with nagware popups about not being connected to the internet, if at all possible.
  3. I need to correct a previous statement in my initial response.. After playing around with this some more, the error I posted previously (in addition to also observing, intermittent "unable to contact license server" errors) occur only while disconnected from the internet. Not while connected to the internet. Scans run fine with an active internet connection (no update error popup or license server contact error). I'm new to v4 as was previously on v3 prior to this, so I'm wondering if this isnt something that was introduced with v4 by design..
  4. Hello Porthos. I've attached the logs into a PM to you as I do not feel safe posting this on a public-facing forum.
  5. Hi, I am encountering the following error whenever I try to manually check for updates from the setting menu or perform a scan: "Something went wrong - One or more items in the current update did not complete successfully. Please check your internet connetion and try again. If you need more help, visit our support site." Also note the spelling mistake in the error message (i.e. 'connetion' should've been 'connection') not relevant by any means and I misspell often myself but just putting it out there just in case. There's nothing wrong with my internet and restarting my computer also didn
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