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  1. BACK once again, very sorry to bug you all, I just figured out how to delete the quarantined files. Done. I scanned again and nothing appeared, so I'm safe. I'll have to turn in my computer to see if everything about the spill is ok by Thursday.
  2. I'm taking it for repair now, here's to wishing there's no malware left and all my files will be ok.
  3. It's the same computer, I just decided to use Malwarebytes to make sure everything was ok before I send the MacBook to repair it. Also, Malwarebytes quarantined all the files (except the fault one but I was told that's ok since it didn't appear in other scans) so I don't know if that counts as removing or deleting the files? I don't know if I have to do it manually. Again, I'm not knowledgeable with these things.
  4. Deleted all the files, I guess I'm done with everything. Once again, thank you all very much, I'm not that knowledgeable on these type of things. If anything happens I'll be sure to post something, thank you, thank you, thank you.
  5. I'm very confused now, is this a legitimate file? I'm looking at Finder and only some files from the ones that were listed are available, so I'm assuming the ones that don't appear have been removed. And Finder asked for my password to delete some files too?
  6. Ok. Assuming all the files I posted above are malicious, I'll be deleting them soon. Is it common to find some files with similar names in Finder though? Thank you all so much, I'm almost done with all this.
  7. Hi, it's just the action says "Error", and while I haven't sent my computer yet, I've run various scans after the incident and nothing has been detected. If you need more info, please notify me, many thanks to all.
  8. Alright, so, I was typing in Finder the names of some of the files Malwarebytes thought were suspicious and found files with similar names, so I moved them to the trash bin. I didn't search for secret/hidden files, and I only searched some files since I'm sleepy, will go to bed now. I'll continue tomorrow if the MacBook still works.
  9. All the files detected were • Adware.Linkury (has com.SystemExtr.plist and SystemExtr under them) • OSX.Generic.Suspicious the action is ~ (has com.CheckDate.plist, com.Optic.plist, and com.undelineated.hr.plist [the file that's not quarantined] under them) • OSX.VSearch (has ApplicationaContents, com.clapperdudgeon.rf.plist, com.jingled-unexpress.plist, com.U6Pyx.plist, OpticDaemon, clapperdudgeon.df, icefall-horny, u7tga, ApplicationContents, Kked1, com.intertone-comminator.plist, com.undelineated.hr.plist, com.utilityData.plist, com.zMvUW.plist, macsearch.plist, MacInstallEe, MacInstallPall, MacInstallPall4, Optic, boldy_Amalings, undelineated.hr, and utilityData under them.) Should I delete?
  10. Hello @alvarnell @exile360. The file with the error is called com.undelineated.hr.plist located on /Users/ *MY USER* /Library/LaunchAgents/com.undelineated.hr.plist under the folder OSX.Generic.Suspicious (that folder says the Action is ~) and the file with the error's action, is well, Error. Is there anything else I can help you with?
  11. Nevermind, I got confused. I believe all questions are relevant, sorry for the confusion. Please answer all questions as soon as possible, I don't know when I'm supposed to send it. Thanks again very much, I'll kindly update if any lf you need more insight. 😣
  12. I believe I may have posted this in the wrong side of the forum, since this is the removal site. Only my last two questions are relevant. I apologize, I'll try posting in the other sides of the forum.
  13. Alright, I have many questions, but the main one is in the title: Is it safe to send my MacBook Pro for repair to Apple while having files on quarantine by Malwarebytes? Can I also make a backup just in case while having those files quarantined? My other two questions are whether I should delete the files that are deemed as malware. I would share the names, but I spilled water on my MacBook and I'm waiting around 48 hours so it dries and I can use it again. Lastly, Malwarebytes detected 28 suspicious files, 27 of them were quarantined, but one of them was not. Am I safe? What should I do? Thanks VERY VERY much in advance, I'm currently very nervous about all of this, I've had some sleepless nights. If an update or specifications are needed, please notify me. Thanks again.
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