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  1. I did check the PiHole on my network to make sure that this PC isn't going through that and there were no denials from this machine as it shouldn't be using it for lookups. I use the PiHole to protect things like phones on my network from a lot of the pop up/over ads that are so common. Although one of the PCs on my network that is behind the PiHole is being blocked every five minutes when it asks for telemetry.malwarebytes.com
  2. OK, it has just connected. I started at the bottom of your post and edited the DNS settings, they were set to automatic, I changed them to the Google DNS. Then tried the licence and it worked. Thank you all for your help.
  3. No worries, here's an updated log. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Thanks for trying, I forgot it was a holiday weekend there. Tried the Clean and Reinstall, still getting the 'cannot connect' and 'installation token' messages. Have a good weekend and we'll see if fresh eyes can help further later in the week.
  5. Checked Add/Remove Programmes, no Bonjour there. There also isn't a directory for it. I read that it's to do with iTunes which I don't use so was probably added by something else and removed later. In the hope that uninstalling Malwarebytes might clear out what it's looking for I uninstalled and then reinstalled it, but it seems like it leaves files on the PC when removed. After the new install I now have another error message after the first one "Installation_token Not Found"
  6. OK, so again: Windows Defender Firewall - reset to defaults and then turned off Acronis True Image 2020 - Active Protection turn off ASUS Router Firewall turned off. Tried again and got the same message, can anyone confirm that the license server is actually online atm? What's the IP address, I could try PINGing it from other PCs on teh same network to narrow down the problem. New set of logs attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. I also went to my router and turn off the built in Firewall and tried again and it still failed.
  8. Couldn't see Malewarebytes listed in Windows Firewall, so can't allow it through. So I turned it off. I also have Acronis True Image 2020 that has some active protection, so turned that off as well. Tried to activate again and still got the same message.
  9. My PC has recently been rebuilt after an SSD death. I have deactivated the old installation using the Admin tools on the account but when I try to activate the license I get the 'Unable to contact license server etc'. I have attached the Support Tool file below. mbst-grab-results.zip
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