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  1. Thant you again Maurice, I upgraded Malwarebytes. Now it works well with Firefox and Thunderbird.
  2. I made a typing mistake in the title of this topic. The good one would be (if you can modify it for others): How to remove from my PC the files listed in the “Detection History”. The answer was for me: To quit Malwarebytes and launch it again for a new analysis.
  3. Hello Maurice, You'll find the Malwarebytes TOOL reports attached. Please tell us if you see there any problem. Thank you for your attention. J. Madouri mbst-grab-results.zip mbst-stub-results.txt
  4. Hello Maurice, Thank you to take care. We are a little company. Using Malwarebytes Premium We found the solution of this problem. It can serve others. We took the risk of leaving Malwarebytes and relaunching it, with the cable reconnected to the internet. It did the analysis again, found these junk and all quarantined. But note that it was a real bug.
  5. Hello, We are users of Malwarebytes Premium since years. But today a bug happened in Malwarebytes. We had to remove a very bad software called DriverPack. MWB seems to be the only one able to uninstall it completely. Knowing that we have problems between Kaspersky and Malwarebytes, we decided to quit Kaspersky. Before that, we unplugged the cable of our central computer, to be sure not to catch a virus. So we launched Malwarebytes and it found 5494 bad files created by DriverPack, but just before presenting those files to us so that we can delete all them, Malwarebytes was looking for updates. Of course, without the cable it didn’t find the access to the internet and … it crashed. But without stopping, because we were on a new window of Malwarebytes. On this windows we saw that Malwarebytes understood the situation as if we had ignore those threats. In the window "Detection History", thousands of bad files created by DriverPack are listed. In this window, I read this under "Action": "No user action." In this window, when I select an event, I see three icons on the right: one eye, one arrow down and one trash. I don't know if clicking on the trash removes the event from the list or whether it removes the wrong file from the computer. And I am afraid to lose this history by quitting Malwarebytes. The question is: How do we get the files listed in this window all deleted from the computer? Thank you very much.
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