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  1. The windows photo app never did a good job editing pics anyway and I'm about due for a new computer anyway. Thanks for your help.
  2. Unfortunately, the photos app still just starts showing up as running, however, since I terminated it, it does not seem to be using any cpu and my cpu is not spiking when the computer is idle. See attached task manager screenshot. Thanks.
  3. Hi Kevin. I did both those steps and the problem still exists. I'm going to "terminate" the app and see if that works.
  4. Hi Kevin. Unfortunately, I'm having the same issue as shown in the attached screen shot of task manager. Whenever the computer is idle for about 5 minutes, the Photos app comes on with a corresponding Runtime Broker causing a very high cpu usage and which slows my computer dramatically.
  5. Happy Saturday. I did everything up till your 5th bullet. After that there were no prompts and when I double clicked on the program icon in my downloads, I got a few messages as shown in my attachment and no other prompts to go further..
  6. Still having the same problem. Every I step away from computer for more than 5 minutes it starts racing with very high cpu usage and Windows Photo app along with a Runtime broker correspondingly appear in task manager even though they are not in use. That's why I think it may be related to the Photos app.
  7. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/68757b98e41d5196110e2c6908f18b0bd0ed99e5c8e4802792ea7d5626517f38/detection
  8. I'm having problems with the virustotal part of the instructions. Could you be more specific about the procedure? Thanks.
  9. Thank you. Addition_09-07-2020 17.57.44.txt FRST_09-07-2020 17.57.45.txt AdwCleaner[S09].txt
  10. Attached are the MWB report and the FSRT report. I was not able to copy the ADWcleaner repot because it disappeared after restart before I could copy it and I couldn't find it but it did say it found nothing and there was nothing to quarantine. Thanks mwbreport7.9.txt FRST.txt
  11. I believe we have at least one virus which is causing very high cpu use similar to a coin mining virus which engages whenever the computer is idle for a few minutes. I believe the culprit is shown in the screen shot attached (which is from a ccleaner registery cleaner action report). I believe it may also be embedded in my windows 10 photo app because the Photos app process also shows as running at the same time with a corresponding runtime broker with extremely high cpu use (even though I am not using the photo app. Ccleaner deletes problem from registery but it comes right back, and Malwarebytes does not detect anything with scan. Thanks for your help.
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