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  1. I am running Version 10.0.18363 Build 18363, and have seen advice to NOT update to the latest version of Windows 10 which apparently has serious bugs.
  2. Ok, I'm puzzled. Must be something wrong with my use of/or version of windows defender. Thank you for checking it out for me.
  3. You should unzip the ".exe" file first to a safe place on your local hard drive, then do a right click, then select "Scan with Windows Defender". This is the result I see (shows 3 different scans I have run)
  4. I did a manual update earlier using CMD to "C:\Program Files\Windows Defender>mpcmdrun -SignatureUpdate". I tried that command again, and received a "No updates needed". I rebooted windows 10 and tried running the ".exe" again with the same result. Since the microsoft update is only 2 hours old, it may not have made it around the world to all of their CDN servers. So, I'll try the same thing again tomorrow. Please let me know if it sounds like I am doing things correctly.
  5. It is an ".exe" file - the newest version of VARA for digital HAM radio that all HAM radio operators in the world MUST update to by tomorrow, and only has been available in the last day or two. Hmmm, sounds like a made-for-hackers moment to me, so I didn't just bypass the warning and trust Malwarebytes. Just an hour ago, the creators of VARA verified that there is a problem with their ".exe" installation file, and they will be releasing a fix to it some time later today. So, my question changes - Azden.B!cl is a serious ransomware threat; why did Malwarebytes not detect it? I attached the zip file that I downloaded which contains the new VARA installation file - so that you can inspect the ".exe" file (but don't run it!). VARA HF v4.0.1 setup (do not install until June 30th)-1.zip
  6. Windows 10 defender is reporting an exe file, has the Azden.B!cl virus, but Malwarebytes says the file is ok. How can I determine which is correct? I am using Malwarebytes Premium 4.1.2 with all updates. Thanks!
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