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  1. Hi AdvancedSetup, I have installed the beta and re-enabled Ransomware Protection. So far so good, the system seems to be running stable. I will let you know if that changes. Thanks.
  2. I can't say I've noticed that. The Malwarebytes staff have all been quite professional and helpful in my experience. This is a learning experience I feel they have taken on board.
  3. I don’t think it’s fair to ask us to monitor your forum. You should make an announcement, through the app if necessary, if you don’t have e-mail lists. Failing that, e-mail the users you do have contact information for. It is definitely more than a browser issue. After the computer locks up, it becomes a problem affecting most windows features including Event Viewer and all other browsers. The computer will not even shut down properly when in this state. Once it managed to restart, but after booting it was still chugging. Nothing but a hard reset corrects the issue that seems to be directly caused by Ransomware protection. I also reinstalled Windows before figuring out it was Malwarebytes that was causing the issue. So whilst I appreciate your thoughts, most of your recommendations are general troubleshooting and not directly related to the cause of the problem (ransomware protection).
  4. Hi Exile, I have disabled the ransomware protection component and so far so good. So far no crashes or freezing and no need to hard reboot. Will we be made aware when this is corrected? So I can re enable the component. Thanks for the support. Mark
  5. Hi Exile, I followed your steps to clean and reinstall with the latest beta updates enabled. All seemed well until I left my computer idle and when I came back it had again locked up. I couldn't access the task manager so had to hard reboot. For the moment I still have Malwarebytes installed, please let me know if there are any logs you would like. Thanks, Mark
  6. Hi Malwarebytes Team, I am a premium user but I've had to uninstall Malwarebytes completely because it was causing my computer to randomly become unresponsive after a certain period of time. No BSOD, computer just locks up. For example, if I try to open a new chrome tab it will just display the - "waiting for cache" status. If I try to open up Event Viewer is gets stuck on "Adding Snap in to Console". It won't even shut down correctly, it hangs during the shutting down screen - I have to power off completely and reboot to correct the issue (temporarily). I recently bought new hardware (10600k at 5GHz with 4000mhz DDR4) and I was worried it was my OC settings. But after resetting everything to stock, the same problem kept occuring. After weeks of pulling my hair out I realized it was the Malwarebytes software. After uninstalling the software my problems disappeared. I think there is a conflict between Malwarebytes and Windows Defender. I didn't get much from the logs but it seems to crash when defender is doing stuff. I am using Windows 10 Version 2004 (KB4557957). I do not have the update KB4535996 installed. Please could you advise? I would like to use the Malwarebytes software, but not while it's causing me to force reboot my computer every day. Thanks, Mark
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