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  1. Sorry for the delay - work issues. I updated Malwarbytes, and removed the Office folder from the "allow list". I've now used the machine for >= 24 hours, and no detection problems. Note that I was never able to find a virus using Malwarebytes or any other program. So...cross my fingers...it's seems your program updates have helped with the false positive issue. Thank you for your efforts.
  2. Dear L.T., Thank you. Sorry - me to, the apparently false positive ransome.ware notices are lumped together. I really appreciate the new (6 July) update, and will evaluate it. I'll also look in the other forrum for other programs.
  3. Just to add - while I know that the MLWB team is working on this, and there have been updates, the problem continues to occur - even worse for me - Winword, Outlook, Explorer, WinZip. This is VERY frustrating.
  4. Not sure if I am replying on the correct thread. FYI, Upgraded to the beta as recommended on 3July. Unfortunately, I had a ransome.ware detection that shut down word today. So I suggest it did not work as intended.
  5. All - I think I am involved in two different posts about this same issue - "false positive" ransome.ware generic for Word, Outlook, and now WinZip. I've run the suggested fixlist and rebooted. I guess that feedback will be no news is good news - i.e., no more false positives.
  6. OK, thank you. Here are the Farbar logs. All was fine - and then I got a new ransomware warning from Malwarbytes - winzip.exe. Addition_30-06-2020 11.12.37.txt FRST_30-06-2020 11.12.37.txt
  7. Nasdaq - many thanks. I downloaded and ran that program. There was no "Fixit" file. I did not see any obvious problems in the logs. (Not sure how confidential this forum is - so didn't upload the details logs). I also uploaded Malwarebytes and ran another scan. Nothing found. Do you think I can safely assume this was a false positive previously? Thanks.
  8. All - I got several "ransom.ware.generic" errors starting on ~25 June for Word and Outlook. I submitted a request on 26 June - no answer. I'm not sure what 'normal' is as to replies. Is anyone able to advise me if these are truly false positives? And if they have been resolved? Thank you.
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