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  1. infact when i tried to use rj45 cable with laptop it is showing slower speed than wifi. i dont know how but that is what it is happening.
  2. i have done everything u asked me to do..... internet speed is still showing 10mbps whereas on my mobile and any other computer it is showing 100 mbps, i ran malwarebytes again and it didnt detetct anything. computer is working fine but sometimes when i am playing any game it heats up. CS 1.6 i play. internet is always showing this. whats next
  3. fixlog is attached. After it fixed it asked me to restart computer which i did and at the begining of windows it started checking disk and fixed it. and then entered into windows, whats next?? Fixlog.txt
  4. I have followed all instructions as per you advised. I have also attached all files from these scanners. malwayrebutes text file.txt AdwCleaner[C05] text file.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. I have had virus in my windows and because of this it was slowing laptop down. I ran antiviruses and deleted those viruses...... But i had problem again i ran malware programmes and they also detected one or two and i deleted those too..... This is also causing my internet speed very slow. I have also run FRST64 and scanned the computer and it has generated txt file and addition file.. i have attached both for your reference. Could you please help me out. my computer laptop is ACER , windows 10 64 bit any help will be much appreciated. FRST.txt Addition.txt
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