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  1. I def thought it was strange that Amazon's S3 service was being blocked! Assumed it was all of s3.amazonaws, and not just our /Boson bucket. Thanks for the replies, I'll tell customer it should be good to go, if not make sure extension is updated. -M
  2. Hello, We have a customer reporting that Malwarebytes has blocked the download link for our installer from our website. Looking at the screenshot (attached) it indicates "Website blocked due to a suspicious download". Company website: boson.com Possible download links: hxxps://s3.amazonaws.com/Boson/BosonExamEnvironment-Setup.exe hxxps://boson.s3.amazonaws.com/netsim13.exe This is a false positive. I'm assuming its from "relatively light traffic"? How can we get our content whitelisted to make sure this doesn't happen again? Thank you, -M
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