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  1. I have a lot more faith in that happening now than I did when I first noticed the problem a couple of days ago. Thanks again.
  2. So I have added the AV file folders to MB and I also got the latest update for MB, 4.1.2 is what it shows now. Everything seems to be working fine and as expected at the moment. Thank you 1PW and Porthos for the help!
  3. I have turned off the fast start, and I added the list of MB files from the link you posted to AV as exceptions. Once I did that and shut down my PC, (I know that was not the order you specified, but I forgot to shut it down until after I had added the files to the exceptions list.) when it came back up, MB was again showing in the system tray, and the service did not show up as suspended in Task Manager. In fact not only was the service showing, but the Actual process for the system tray was showing, and I was able to open the MB interface. As soon as I did that, a scan started. That being the case, I have not yet added the AV files as exclusions in MB, but will do so as soon as the scan is complete. Hopefully, that will be the end of this problem. Time will tell.
  4. Sorry this took so long, been working a huge project at work. Here is the requested zip file. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. I have been having a recurring issue with MalwareBytes premium that goes something like this... Using Windows 10 Home 64 bit version. Running both AVAST and MalwareBytes. During one of my randomly frequent checks of the hidden tray processes, where I just reassure myself that both Avast and MBam are running, I notice that the MBam icon is not showing up in the tray. Upon viewing Windows Task Manager, on the Processes tab, I see the only process listed for MalwareBytes is the MalwareBytes Service, and that process says "suspended". When I right click and choose go to details, I find the service, then right click on the entry there and choose Go To Service(s). At that point, the MBAMService says "starting". I cannot stop the service... "Access Denied". I cannot restart the service... Clicking restart gives no feedback at all. If I right click this entry and choose open services, then locate the Malwarebytes Service, it too says starting, but on right clicking THAT, all of the options (start/stop/pause/resume/restart) are grayed out. At this point, I go through the steps of rebooting in safe mode, running adwcleaner, uninstalling and reinstalling new MalwareBytes, running an Avast full scan, as well as MBam full scan (both of which don't find any issues), and eventually after all this, everything seems to be working again when I reboot in normal mode. The problem is, I have done this like 3 times now, so now I'm wondering if something is infected with something somewhere that I'm either not seeing or not completely removing. Once MalwareBytes is back up, everything seems to be working fine, and I never see any additional issues (that I recognize as issues) until the next time I notice MBam isn't running. This could be 2 weeks or a month and a half. I currently have the issue described above, but rather than uninstalling/reinstalling at this point, I have decided to seek help since doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is sometimes seen as insanity. Let me add that I have been a database developer for over 25 years, and started in the IT world as both a hardware/software technician. I have worked on mainframes, servers, PCs, dumb terminals, laptops and even build my own machines. I say this to give some idea of what my technical level of knowledge is. I have researched this issue each time I notice the problem, and have read several posts where Farbar was suggested as a way to identify the issue, so I have included an FRST.txt from Farbar that I just ran, as well as the addition.txt file. I have also looked over the two files with my limited computer knowledge of this particular issue/software, and noticed a couple of things that seem "odd". Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as this multiple uninstall/reinstall is becoming annoying. Addition.txt FRST.txt
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