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  1. Hi Exile360, thanks for your post. I tried it and found that you actually need to uncheck ALL of the items that appear in the Threat Scan Result window and only then the Quarantine button turn into the Next button. Therefore, you can nor select which items you want to add to the Exclude list, you have to add all of them or none. This is bit tricky behavior, maybe Malwarebytes can improve this in the next version. I attached the screen with the Next button just in case. Thanks.
  2. Hi Porthos, thanks for your reply. I have just done a full scan and it detected some registry keys for Uniblue Powersuite as PUP. I bought this software a few years ago and it is doing a good job in cleaning my PC so that it is not a PUP (Although Uniblue company was closed in 2018). So that I would like to add these registry keys to MAlware Bytes exclusion list, but there is no Next button only Save Results, Close and Quarantine buttons on that Scan results. A screenshoot is attached. I am using the latest Malwarebytes Permium Any idea how do add these registry keys to the scan exclusion list? Thanks
  3. How do I add registry keys to the exclusion list in Malwarebytes v4 for the PUP items found during the scan which I would like to exclude from scanning/reporting
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