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  1. YOU. ARE. A LIFE SAVER. Thank you! It worked, re-installed latest version. All is good now. 👍
  2. Actually, I found the settings panel to change Environment Variables (System Properties / Advanced / Environment Variables). Will try to change there, restart then try again.
  3. That has to be it. I ran a command prompt window and ran "echo %temp%" ... it came back with the old RamDisk location. Do you know how I can set the temp environment variable to another folder?
  4. I used to have a Ram Disk application (by IMDisk) but I recently learned that it was preventing me from updating Windows (or Microsoft Apps) so I uninstalled it. Come to think of it, I didn't restore the TEMP variables to the default values before uninstalling (I figured the program would do that for me). I just checked and the RamDisk software is definitely NOT running. Did it mess something up? (by the way, thanks!)
  5. Help. I've spent several hours trying to figure this out. I had (more on this in a bit) Malwarebytes Premium installed. It notified me that there was a new version through a window that popped up. I accepted the install... then nothing happened. So I opened the app and there was an orange button saying there was an update. I clicked it. I accepted or whetever... then nothing happened. Malwarebytes would keep running. I ran a scan, no issues found. Tried to update again... nothing. I downloaded the online installer and just tried to update that way. Ran MBSetup.exe as Administrat
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