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  1. Hello, I've run the file, reset my computer, and reset chrome syncing on this device. Attached is the fix log file. In the previous response, there were what appeared to be 3 different versions of the same application. In my control panel, I was only able to find the most recent version below, and it was removed before executing the restart. The other two versions above, I couldn't locate in the control panel, is this something to be worried about. App Explorer (HKU\S-1-5-21-1724635325-1095639183-1519823991-1001\...\Host App Service) (Version: - SweetLabs) <==== ATTENTION
  2. I've attatched the two. Are you sure you need me to copy and paste the whole FRST.txt file in this reply? It's 800ish lines worth.
  3. A friend recommended me a RAR file to download through MediaFire for an application that he himself had downloaded and reported no issues with. Since downloading this file and extracting the program through Bandizip, there's been two instances that have scared the hell out of me. Out of seemingly nowhere when running chrome, my screen started to flicker, tabs started moving by themselves slightly off-screen, my mouse appeared to flicker back and forth, but i still had some control, and a new tab opened on chrome and characters started typing themselves into the top search bar by themselves.
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