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  1. Maurice...I will need to keep an eye on it and see how things go. Usually once I boot up or restart, the pages will load normally. After a bit, I start getting the resolving host issue so I need to open Chrome over the next few days to see how things work. If I don't receive any host issues, then I will assume that it was fixed. I will let you know. Porthos...Thanks. I wasn't aware that I was shipped off to another topic. I wasn't receving notifications for the new topic and it wasn't shown as one that I was following. This topic was the only one I was still receiving email notifications for. Either way, I'm trying out the new software update to see how it goes. Fingers crossed.
  2. I"m not exactly sure why all of my original posts were deleted on this thread. I had several posts and most of them were with Exile360. Every single one is gone now. It's possible because I mentioned that removing malwarebytes solved the problem with the resolving host issue??? I have since re-installed malwarebytes, turned off ransomware protection and I still had the resolving host issue. So having both web protection and ransomware protection turned off does not solve the resolving host issue. Right now it took me about 2 minutes before this web page opened. I'm going to install the new updated version mentioned above, but if this doesn't solve the issue, I'm going to remove this program. To be honest, I'm a little aggravated now that you just decided to delete me since I'm at least trying to go through a few of the recommended steps to see what may be causing the issue. Nice way to try and hide the problem with your software.
  3. Hi Exile360. So I've done a clean reinstall using the Malwarebytes support tool. I've also turned off Ransomware protection for now. Yes. Usually once the PC is first turned on, the websites load normally. After a few hours, I get the resovling host issue and pages load extremely slow. Usually takes about a minute or two minutes for a page to load at that point. Turning off Web protection was the only thing I had tried so far other than flushing the chrome DNS. Neither of those worked. After uninstalling Malwarebytes, everything has worked just fine for about a week so it's apparently something in malwarebytes is causing the hangup. I will keep an eye on this today and tomorrow, and let you know if it still persists or if it seems to continue. Who knows, maybe the freash reinstall might help. Sorry for hijacking your post Mattock....
  4. I'm not the original poster but I will have to re-install Malwarebytes and try turning off the ransomeware. It usually takes a few hours before the resolving host issue rears it's ugly head. It may be a bit before I reply back.
  5. I'm curious to see how this works out. I'm no software genius, but turning off most of the protection of the software doesn't seem like a valid fix to me. What's the point in using it, if you turn half of it off? Not that it means much, but I can also vouch for the fact that turning off Web Protection does not work with this issue.
  6. Mattock.....I've had the same issues over the past several months. Seems like it started around February or March. Rebooting the PC seemed to clear it up temporarily, but then the slow load times for site pages start again a few hours later. I've even cleared the Chrome DNS several times (which doesn't help) and I also turned off the real time Web protection in Malwarebytes. Nothing worked for me. I've seen all of these steps that they keep posting to try and clear this up, but this is obviously becoming an issue for numerous people. Searching Google proves this... even in the Microsoft forums. The only thing that solved this for me was completely removing Malwarebytes. Now web pages load super fast like they should in Chrome and Edge. I've had no issues for the past several weeks. It's unfortunate becuase I would like to keep using their software, but not with these types of headaches. The reply you received above is an automated reply from a Bot. I've seen it pop up on several posts regarding this issue. I haven't seen any resolutions though unless I overlooked one.
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