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  1. Just another log. Microsoft safety scanner found a virus that disables my windows defender/anti-malware. More proof that there is more going on that we're not addressing. msert.log
  2. Well, turns out that you might not be the best person to help me, I found that there was an extreme issue with google chrome, apparently the "legit" looking googlecrashhandler.exe and its 32bit counterpart were viruses. I tried removing them and they refused me admin rights, I couldn't even remove this program in safe mode... Because in safe mode, it deleted itself, and now the entire folder is gone in normal mode. I ran hitmanpro and it notified me of two dlls that were previously flagged in my origin game launcher folder, apparently some qt2.dll or something except for some reason they were
  3. I uninstalled the remainders of Bidefender. I followed a tutorial regarding my specific BSOD error code and I haven't gotten a BSOD since, but I still feel like something is wrong. Sometimes when I start up the system freezes, my system goes really slow, I'l try to open malwarebytes and have to right click run as administrator twice before it opens, sometimes the internet wont go to pages I type in, and windows open and close on their own, like CMD flashing instantly. For some reason I have 2 windows explorer exes and one of them uses a butt load of CPU even at idle and no explorer window open
  4. So... I was optimistic everything was ok, but I keep getting Blue Screens...This pc is brand new, so I think it's very unlikely to be the hardware...
  5. Unfortunately, none of those are the version I had installed. I had installed the free version from here. If there's an official uninstaller that would work for the free version, I'd gladly use it.
  6. I definitely understand the need to not be paranoid, I've just been really scared that I might've destroyed my expensive gaming pc is all. But I'm very glad to have you helping me, and it is very reassuring that you are confirming that we are not finding anything else malicious. I've attached the log as requested. Fixlog.txt
  7. yeah, I ended up installing Kaspersky because whatever is/was going on, it totally infected and took control of Bitdefender. It disabled Bitdefender, blocked scanning with Bitdefender, and removed my permissions as admin to remove/uninstall Bitdefender...So, I had to force uninstall Bitdefender because it refused to allow me to restart it/reinstall/repair/uninstall normally. So I used Wise Program Uninstaller and then completed the uninstall of the infected Bitdefender program in safe mode. And as added precaution, because the pc wouldn't allow a new install of Bitdefender, it claims it's alre
  8. So I think the reason the securitycheck.exe failed was because Zemana flagged it as a Trojan and quarantined it. I checked on virus total and it also flagged it as a Trojan. However, since I have no reason to not trust you, I whitelisted the exe and tried again. I've attached the log. I suspected a bitcoin miner because I read online that miners cause a lot of the problems I'm having as well as they hide from task manager, which is what I think is happening. When I open task manager the CPU usage is around 30-50% at idle, but immediately drops back to 0-1% like something killed a task to hide
  9. I definitely understand the need for patience, I just hate that it seems like it's getting worse. Unfortunately I don't have any other device besides my phone to download things, so I kinda have to use my pc's web browser. I finally was able to sideload the securitycheck.exe, and when I tried to run and also run as admin it gave me the error " /autodelscript " access is denied". I've uploaded a screenshot of the error. I've ran the FRST tool, and here are the logs. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. I'm sorry, I definitely understand, and am very thankful for all your help, it just seems like my pc is getting worse and worse by the second. I ran the Malwarebytes rootkit tool and ran it twice as it came up clean. Here are the logs, also, whatever this is completely infected bitdefender and I had to force unistall it in safe mode because it was freaking my system out. Also the security check file you had me download wont save Windows Defender Flags it as a trojan and refuses to save. I really do appreciate your help... Yes I have that set to off, just as it appears in the picture.
  11. seriously, I need help, this thing has disabled my bitdefender and everything!
  12. Ok, apparently it finished much quicker than anticipated. Here's the log. ESET Scan Log.txt
  13. Hi, thank you, I'm currently running the eset tool and its already found 4 items, it's still running and only looks half done, I'll follow your additional steps and reply with the logs when it finishes. I might reply late, around 2 AM Denver, Colorado USA time, I'm going to a friend's birthday party tonight. By the way, thank you so much for helping me with this. I''l reply with the logs as soon as I can.
  14. ok, I have done so, it found something in chrome. also for some reason something has snoozed my bitdefender and wont let me turn it back on, as well as my firewall. And something is lagging my pc and closing windows. here is the log. AdwCleaner[C04].txt
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