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  1. Is there anything new on this? I'm coming up on my renewal for Privacy. I don't know that I want to pay that until this issue is resolved. Can you please provide an update and timetable for figuring this out? Thank you, Ian
  2. Hi there. Just thought I'd check in to see if there was any update on this ...
  3. Here are the logs gathered. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. I had tried that at someone else's suggestion but it didn't work. But I did it again, started the Bonjour service, and it crashed same as before. I even exited Privacy and restarted it, in case it didn't pick up the Bypass. Ian
  5. It looked like everything was going along fine with Bonjour and then boom, you see Windows Error Reporting start. Thanks for all of the time you've been spending on this. If there's anything else I can do, please let me know. Next time I do something with procmon, I'll do it locally on the PC in question. Lots of entries showing the communication between the PC in question and the one from which I was running Remote Desktop ...
  6. Yes, Bonjour is now fine and Homesharing is working again. This has been the issue since the beginning. I know we had to rule out other issues, but I think we've done that. By the way, after performing this test, I started Privacy manually and Bonjour crashed. Ian
  7. Here are the latest logs. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  8. All done. I checked for updates and it had downloaded the most recent version. Before I turned Privacy on, the Bonjour service was running. After I turned it on, it was not. Please see the screen shot below. HomeSharing is no longer working. Ian
  9. I was able to issue the command but received "The MS Hardware Device Detection Driver (USB) service is not started." Ian
  10. I don't know what that is. I'm using a relatively new wireless keyboard and mouse from HP on that PC. Unless it picked up my wireless keyboard from my RDP session (that PC is in another room from where I usually work). On my main PC, I'm using an old Dell wireless keyboard that must be more than 10 years old. I think it's actually a Logitech device with Dell on it. But hey, it works. As does my iTunes / Apple TV at the moment. I assume as soon as we install Privacy, that will stop, as it has in the past.
  11. Sorry, hit Submit too soon. Let me know if you need another run of the FRST program. I'll look into the Storage Space again.
  12. There were errors, which were corrected. I'll attach a screenshot and the log created. Please CBS.log
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