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  1. Hi, we'll check but won't take any risk, the false positive makes that update is being stopped abruptly, and it's not safe to do so.
  2. Hi, it seams that files vanished after using the MBAM support tool ! I should have not used the repair function I think... It deleted the logs without warnings...
  3. Yes, but it was not enough, because it uncompress others files, and even with parent in allow list, it didn't worked ! I had to stop Anti Ransomware protection 😢
  4. 450MB, so, no I can't Any others logs I can provide instead ?
  5. FA8C9F02C7836D058FDBDE91A66DDCC38737F427DB0E4890B8225F04506A7E09 { "applicationVersion" : "", "chromeSyncResetQueryRequested" : false, "chromeSyncResetQueryResult" : false, "clientID" : "", "clientType" : "other", "componentsUpdatePackageVersion" : "1.0.955", "cpu" : "x64", "dbSDKUpdatePackageVersion" : "1.0.25903", "detectionDateTime" : "2020-06-23T11:54:00Z", "fileSystem" : "NTFS", "id" : "3a1ea46e-b548-11ea-b9ba-0050560109fa", "isUserAdmin" : true, "licenseState" : "licensed", "linkagePhaseComplete" : true,
  6. Hi, we use a self made setup to deploy applications for our clients. This setup may modify a lot of files with text replacement (templates files) with perl (Windows, old version of Strawberry) Our setup may be blocked by anti ransomware. Would it be less considered as ransomware with a recent version of Perl, of a signed version of our setup ?
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