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  1. Hi! I haven't gotten any notifications of trojans anymore, thanks a lot! I was in fact synched in chrome, did the fix. And also ran the scan with RogueKiller and deleted everything I saw. I didn't see anything RED in the scan, only yellows, but I deleted them anyways. The malwarebytes log cleaned itself so I'm not sure if I had notifications today earlier but I'd like to say and believe that after desynchronizing and the scan with Roguekiller everything is solved. I will be updating anyways anything related with the post these days
  2. Yes, and others more. I took screenshot of every one of them that appeared in the notification tab, from yesterday and today only. There are so many I can't go back to other days. Jueves: thursday (yesterday) Hoy: today
  3. Thank you, I'll see what happens today and I'll come back if the problem persists. Thank you Fixlog.txt
  4. It seems the logs are written in spanish because of my windows being in spanish. I hope it is no problem no translate with google translate, sorry 😓
  5. Quick edit: I meant to say Malwarebytes at the end, not "malware" only, sorry
  6. Hi everyone. I'm using malwarebytes premium trial version because somehow someone got my information of a game account I didn't give to anybody to try and clean completely my pc of any viruses that might have done it. Malwarebytes didn't find any threats except for an antivirus the pc I didn't thoroughly eliminate named Bytefence. I downloaded a program without any problems but before it I was redirected to those sites that appear tellig you to wait 5 seconds with all the screen full of ads and windows opening and closing themselves in the blink of an eye, but that's the only explanation that spyware or something got into my pc, whatever it is. This problem I had it since last week and that was the latest download, or latest visit to those ad-filled sites. I'm betting that one of those ads finally did something to my pc, I couldn't even click the "skip" button because invisible ads were overlapping it. The same day that I saw the account vulnerable I downloaded MalwareBytes and scanned the pc, etc. the rest is history, but I've got notifications that trojans were being blocked and it showed me their IP and information about the attack. But these attacks are really quite often! I've got them since I downloaded MalwareBytes. First I got notified of (All of them being "the next web site appears to be malicious" and being trojans, the later ones when I hadn't even had my google chrome open): hanner-blobal.com wednesday at 17:38 dashphere.com thursday two times in a row at 20:51 but after those, beggining since Monday, a day after I changed my password and pin number in the game and got notified by email that "I" seemed to have problems trying to log in tomy account (being supposedly "I" the hacker, of course) these notifications came: I had 3 of "Potential threat blocked" from different IP'S at: 5:25, 15:50 and 17:32 in Monday (yesterday). Today Tuesday I had 5 attacks in less than 3 hours at times respectively: 22:45, 23:47, 0:39, 1:04 and 1:41. Every one of them from the same IP. Just now, in fact, I got attacked a 6th time writing this part (2:31). I'm scared that when the trial ends Malwarebytes free version won't protect me again from those trojans, and maybe those are the ones that I'm having trouble with. If I didn't install malware I couldn't have known that I was being attacked in the first place, or even blocked them. I'm shocked. I want to know what to do about it, I really want to be safe. Thanks everyone
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