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  1. Long story short, lost control of router my son let someone use his account remotely malware was in every thing. Got new computer phones, Wife’s thinks she was safe because she was on IOS and I was Android. I got a new iPhone SE 2 gave her my number about 2 weeks ago now was texting her and my iPhone in message at the top had a push notifications said update contacts information,  new to IOS I Thought it would update for me. After pushing it the iPhone said doing a network update, then started to install something. And it turn on my ESIM as well started to get emails and text messages about a new account. Now I can’t keep any of my accounts safe or just wired things happening to my iPhone. Is this malware and if so how do I get rid of it. I tried doing a reinstall IOS from iTunes at the Apple store, but it kept everything on my iPhone not a factory reset like I am used to on Android or Windows, all my pictures and app were still there. Is that normal because we were doing a fresh installation?


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