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  1. Thank you Maurice, I'll let you know if I have any further problems. Best regards, Steve
  2. Ok Maurice, I've run Microsoft Security Scanner and it has come back all clear for viruses, spyware and PUA, although when I look at the log file I see lots of "->Scan ERROR: resource process:" entries. Does this mean that some files didn't actually get scanned? Also, I see that the log file now includes a previous scan that I did, with similar Scan ERROR entries. Regards, Steve msert.log
  3. Thank you Maurice, I'll run daily Defender Full Scans for a few days, see what arises (last night's was clear) and let you know. Regards, Steve
  4. Ok Maurice, My version of EDGE came up with a different display than the one you've shown above, but I think I've done what you asked for - images below. I've also run the Powershell command you gave. Regards, Steve
  5. Hi Maurice, I'm afraid I'm not comfortable to use the "Allow" on this last threat detected, as it seems to me that its the Trojan I'm allowing and not necessarily the app itself - and once I've allowed a Trojan, or a PUA in the case of the previous "Allow" I did, how can I cancel that at a future time? ALSO, I ran another Defender Full Scan overnight that has now found yet another "Potentially Unwanted Software" as shown below. I have now quarantined this and Protection History is showing as "App Blocked". Regards, Steve
  6. But despite all of that and with SmartScreen off, it still got blocked, but for a different threat detected, a Trojan -
  7. Example of "Protection History" entry for this app is shown below AND that the "Action" to "Allow" is available if wanted, so that's what I've done, with the result also shown below. I'll now try to download the app again, see what happens and let you know. Regards, Steve
  8. The "SecurityCheck.exe" file is not on my PC anywhere. I searched "This PC" for "SecurityCheck" with File Explorer, but it only found my "SecurityCheckDownloadProblem05july2020.jpg" file from about and hour ago. The only option offered by the three dots is "copy download link" - I tried pasting this into a new EDGE tab, but again the download was blocked. Stumped!
  9. Nope! Still wont let me download it! Image shows bottom left corner of my screen after trying again with SmartScreen turned off.
  10. I didn't get as far as seeing the displays that you show here Maurice, as Defender would not even allow the app to be downloaded onto my PC. I'll disable SmartScreen and try again.
  11. Slight problem Maurice, Windows Defender wont let me download SecurityCheck via the link you give. It blocks it as "an app that might perform unwanted actions on your device". The download information bar, at the bottom of the screen, actually states "virus detected". Steve
  12. All looking ok at the moment Maurice. Thank you, Steve
  13. Hi Maurice, I didn't see your last comment until just now, so I have done the individual scans of my C and D drives. From the time that these custom scans took, over 5 hours for the C drive and ?? for the D drive, left to run overnight, I believe that the first scan I did (at only 80+ minutes) must have been stopped prematurely by me, actually proving nothing. Also, it was quite clear, on the status screen for the custom scans, when files were being scanned and I didn't see that during the first scan attempt. Good news is, both C and D drive scans came back with "No threats found".
  14. A bit confusing Maurice. I turned off SmartScreen, downloaded the Housecall exe, and click on Run as Administrator. At first I didn't think it had started at all, but then I minimised the File Explorer window and there it was hiding behind it! I then went through the preliminaries and set it to run for a full scan, BUT - It ran for over 80 minutes, but didn't seem to progress beyond 4%, which it achieved within a few minutes of starting. So I thought I would stop it and try for a more limited C:\ drive scan, but now it wouldn't stop. Task Manager showed it as running and taking
  15. Thank you again Maurice. I was already aware of the points you make about email attachments, and I thought I always try to follow them, but clearly I haven't been cautious enough. It seems to me that my basic problem was not realising that these old emails and their attachments were still stored on my PC. Since I could access them from any other PC I logged into, I'd assumed they were stored on some "Outlook" server somewhere and thus "isolated" from my PC. I know better now! A few things I don't understand though, if these emails were permanently stored on my PC - Q1 Why didn't
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