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  1. " One of the ways to research this is to read all the lines of that update code, and then try to correlate it to possible impacts to the Realtek audio/Network drivers. " it has nothing to do with real tek,. I dont run any realtek audio drivers, I use an expensive USB DAC solution for audio. the cure was removing the malwarebytes program completely/ after I wasted weeks and money money swapping DACs, digital audio amplifiers, cables... i am not interested in a beta release that removes most of the bad audio. I am only interested in solutions which completey remove the problem that the malwarebytes code causes on audiophile setups the latency induced by web protectionn module, begins to ruin local audio after a few hours,. once the bad audio manifests, it even messes with flac audio playing from a local file, with NO network activity and no web pages open on a Quad CPU 24Gb RAM PC, and with no other foreground apps active
  2. and you also have the option of placing a fully working set of components into the current release, instead of selling a bugged version reading back you have mostly been in denial that the problem even exists for ~5 months i will switch to a product that actually works, AND WHICH HAS A SUPPORT TEAM WHO ARE CAPABLE OF FIXING SELF-INFLICTED MISTAKES anyone who wants a free lifetime key can figure out how to contact me, as I somehow doubt you will buy it back
  3. why not ? like many others here, i had to fix my bad audio by deleting malwarebytes pro. that, with no other changes, fixed it. previously, again like many others, latency spikes began after a few hours and worsened until a reboot. . i wasted many hours swapping DACs and trying other changes when all the time, it was your product that was ruining my expensive audio set up so as at now i have 2 x useless lifetime keys, which I am inclidned to give away, as your product is no longer fit for my purpose
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