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  1. thanks for the help I really appreciate it.
  2. it's location is: Library > Containers > desktop.whatsaap > Data > Library> Application support > Whatsapp > file system > origin I just simply found it while I was searching other things on finder, I've know Idea how I got it
  3. i am only running Mac so I'm ok ?
  4. I'm a Mac user sorry if I used the terms pc here's virus total page https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/f9d31b278e215eb0d0e9cd709edfa037e828f36214ab7906f612160fead4b2b4/detection
  5. I'm kinda of a paranoid when it comes to pc so I always double scan my file. I was looking at a peculiar one on virus total and I'd found a weird case By scanning the file no engine detected it staying perfectly clear, but the community score was a whopping -67 telling me that it was malicious. I'm kinda of panicking right know, what should I do? Should I worry? I am in danger ? and if so how can I clean my pc
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